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Fin Bulgaria From: PLOVDIV BG Style: Thrash Metal / Speed/Thrash Active period: 2013-now Biography: FIN BULGARIA is Bulgarian thrash metal band formed in the summer of 2013. In July issue EP-it "Bulgarian Thrash", and six months later and the first full-length album - "Beton". In the summer of 2014 FIN BULGARIA begin work on the next EP - "Thrash Is Not Death". The issue is conceptual and texts are in four languages. In the spring of 2015 is ready second album project "Karatecnica". The album was released by the label Psihar Records, founded by the leader of FIN BULGARIA - Stoian Kaev. After a change in the composition, the band began work on a new album. "Cookbook" became reality in early 2016 . 2017 - 2018 2017 It is the year the band released their fifth student album Do it yourself.The bass player Ico enters the band .In the same year the band started working on the next full album Kolko Zombita Vijdate which is scheduled to come out in 2018. This year's summer is expected to release the seventh album Ritual .Fast instruments and fast vocals are happening the new face of Fin Bulgaria .

Stoian Kaev - Vocals, Guitars, Bass (2013-2017), Vocals, Guitars (2017-present)

Ico - Bass (2017-present)
Maglata (Atanas Hadjinikolov) Vocals (2013-2014)
Emanuil Angelov Guitars, Vocals (2014-2015)
Cvetelina Stoyanova Vocals (2015-2017)